Communicas: Background and Capabilities Statement

Communicas works with clients to identify, communicate and broker critical opportunities for sustainable development.

Communicas is a Collaborative Consulting, Research and Production Network. We provide conceptual consulting, research, communications and sustainable development information, products and services for organizations and communities. Working at the intersection of community and communications, we are dedicated to telling the stories and leveraging the resources needed for the transition to sustainable societies.

Communicas follows a stewardship approach to what former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich has described as the highest value core skills of the emerging sustainable global economy:

problem identification and problem solving 
through communications and strategic brokering.

Sustainable development practice creates achievable, equitable, green and economically attractive plans and management for projects.

Strategic planning satisfies short term community, business and organizational objectives in service to long term visions and measures of sustainable community.

Conceptual consulting identifies resources, engages creativity and brokers transformational opportunities.

Communications strategies and services turn data into knowledge, nurture learning and leadership, build relationships and lay the groundwork for successful transitions to sustainable design, investment and practice.

Projects scale from small to large:
  • Short term consultancies and production work with small business or individual agencies; 
  • Community organizing and planning, ecovillage design, stakeholder inclusion facilitation; 
  • Real and intellectual product and process brokering, syndication and project development services; 
  • Management of broad public-private consortia, enterprise and public policy campaigns with a long term focus.
Selected Capabilities:


  • Communications and Information Strategy
  • Community Communications
  • Sustainable Community Development
  • Consortia Development and Management
  • Resource, Technology and Business Brokering and Referral Environmental Education
  • Project Management
  • Business and Organizational Development
  • Participatory Action Research
  • User needs assessment and systems design
  • For Profit and Non-Profit Fundraising
  • Development Campaign Management
  • Grantswriting and Proposal Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Convergence Technologies
  • Media Management

Production and Applications:

  • Software Development Assessment & Referral
  • Technology Development Assessment & Referral
  • Videography 
  • Television Series Development and Syndication
  • Radio Production and Management
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Filmmaking
  • Distance Learning
  • Geographic Information Systems Applications
  • Web / E-Commerce Strategy, Design, Implementation
  • Community and Organizational Database Design
Sample Communicas projects include 
  • Sustainable Communities Design / Media Synergy Network, 
  • Media Democracy Convergence, 
  • Community Communications Working Group
  • Congress / Coalition of Neighborhoods 
  • Media Centers Network Collaborative
  •  and a variety of web, television, radio and multi-media products, software and services.

Communicas focuses in community communications for cross-sectoral sustainable development. We have successfully undertaken projects in:

  • broadcast and interactive media production 
  • business planning and brokering 
  • community arts 
  • community based research
  • community communications
  • community investment
  • community organizing
  • community planning and design
  • documentary production
  • energy policy
  • energy planning
  • environmental policy
  • facilitation
  • healthcare planning and policy
  • housing policy and development management
  • information standards 
  • international governance
  • journalism and media 
  • livelihoods
  • neighborhood communications 
  • non-profit development and fundraising/grants
  • organizational development
  • participatory decision making 
  • peacemaking 
  • personal development
  • political campaign development and management
  • procurement systems for sustainability
  • social entrepreneurship
  • sustainable agriculture 
  • sustainable business development
  • sustainable community design 
  • sustainable community education 
  • sustainable community indicators
  • telecommunications development and services
  • visioning and evaluation

-- and other areas of community, communications, policy and practice.

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