Strategy, Communications, Partnership and Brokering for Sustainable Development.

Communicas is a collaborative consulting and production network focused on planning, producing and brokering resources for sustainable development at the intersection of community and communications.

“Communicas” is a newly coined word emphasizing the role of communications in the community building process. Communicas is derived and adapted from the Latin “Communitas,” referring either to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community (Wikipedia). In 1947, Paul and Percival Goodman published their seminal work, Communitas: Ways of Livelihood and Ways of Life, an inspiring review and prescient projection of the choices we face in the participatory planning and design of free communities, re-introducing the notion and role of the “spirit of community” to the realms of professional planning and broader public discourse.

Communicas, as a consulting network, aids clients, professionals and community members in collaboration and the creation of communications products and services which enhance the sustainability and spirit of community.

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